I'm very happy to show you another arrangement I've completed for mixed-ability ensemble. The piece is the beautiful Irish traditional song, Carrickfergus.  



I am enjoying a creative streak at the moment. This is another guitar quartet I composed in just one morning. It is a canon on the beautiful Polynesian folk song, Tongo. The score and parts are available at my online shop.



I am excited to present this little film and recording of my new composition for guitar quartet. It is a fantasia based on a fragment of the Icelandic Folk Song Hyon Do. They score and parts are available at my online shop. 



My latest arrangement for Mixed-Ability Guitar Ensemble is now available as a digital download in my Online Shop

 You can hear a recording, see excerpts of the score and enjoy some analytical notes with this tailor-made film:




L'Esprit de Ligoure


 For solo guitar 






Tango Laurentais for solo guitar


Dan is delighted to announce that he is one of the winners of the Indaba Music Tango Composition Competition.  
As a result, his new, extended version of his piece Tango Laurentais has been included in the Indaba Music Catalogue of Works. This allows gives professionals within the music industry to access pieces in specific styles which may then be placed for use theatre, television, film or remixing.
The piece is a virtuosic, chromatic and vigourous dance in the dark key of G minor. It was inspired, like all modern tangos, by Astor Piazzolla but also the rich expressive style of the early 20thC tango tradition.

The new recording of this work can be heard at: https://www.indabamusic.com/people/693266244?tab=overview.

It was made in Dan's home village of St Laurent des Hommes after which the piece was named. Dan was deeply privileged to have been loaned a glorious concert guitar made by his friend, Jean Verly, the wonderful Perigueux-based luthier (www.verlyluthier.fr/) on which he recorded this piece.


The work is suitable for advanced/professional players wanting to add fresh flair to their concert programmes. A score is now available as a pdf download in the shop.


Three preludes on Occitaine Songs for solo guitar

Eagle Rock for solo guitar

L'été Parfait for solo guitar 



 Périgord en Hiver


A piece for 5 guitars which was commissioned by the High Wycombe Music Centre Guitar Consort and their brilliant director, Gareth Holwill. This film is accompanied by images contributed by the residents of the Périgord, France where I now live and work.






Listen to Icebreak Dance here 


Icebreakdance: is a work for a minimum of four guitars, but can be performed by a greater number of players. It is specially written for a mixed-ability ensemble, making it particularly appropriate for Guitar Societies, Summer Schools and Music Schools.

The piece challenges the players as musicians rather than just guitarists. It is in the repertoire of, and dedicated to, The Cambridge Guitar Orchestra, directed by Peter Rueffer of the Pro Arte Trio.

 Dan has recorded all the parts of Icebreakdance himself in a studio so that players have the chance to hear a performance by a fellow guitarist, rather than a computer-generated imitation. You can hear the piece by clicking here and going to Icebreakdance on the play list. The recording can be downloaded.

Here's what leading players have written about Icebreakdance:

"This work is inventive and written with craft and clarity" - Stephen Kenyon. To learn more about Stephen, please visit Jacaranda Music.

"An intriguing and highly original composition - a worthwhile undertaking for any competant ensemble" - Peter Rueffer - Director Dillington Guitar Summer School/Festival and Musical director of the The Cambridge Guitar Orchestra.


Jazz Suite for Four Guitars


Jazz Suite for Four Guitars: is a quartet written for advanced players making it suitable for Music students, Summer Schools and Professional players. It is in four movements. For a score, please contact Dan.

The Suite is designed around the principle of the Baroque Suite - four stylistically contrasting yet unified movements. The first is a Jazz Fugue, and is a homage to Bernstein, the second, a Jazz Waltz, the third a Ballad and finally a flamboyant Tango. This piece presently under audition by Cadenza Music, but interested players should contact Dan .


Prelude, Sonata and Postlude

For Flute and Guitar 

 Prelude, Sonata and Postlude for Flute and Guitar: is dedicated to Almer Imanovic, a fine Bosnian guitarist based in the US, and his partner, Jessica Pierce http://www.almanova.us/. They perform the work as a regular part of their repertoire. Interested players should contact Dan.


Living Water

For Flute and Guitar 

Living Water: is a new work for flute and guitar in one movement. It is for professional players or graduate level students. The work received its premiere at the Bolivar Hall in London. My thanks go to Lucy Bebbington and James Smith who played it so beautifully. The piece is in a minimalist style and is a single-movement Sonata with a slow introduction and coda. Please do contact me if you are interested in hearing the piece or performing it.


 Arrangements for Guitar Duo


My arrangements for Classical Guitar are published by Corda Music . 

These are Satie's 3 Gymnopédies, and a set of Baroque Suites by Henry Purcell. The Gymnopédies are designed to use the full range of the guitars and to retain Satie's original chord voicing, making them suitable for concert performance.

The Purcell Suites have extensive performance practice notes and were transcribed from a facsimile copy of A Choice Collection of Lessons for Harpsichord and Spinnet, published by his widow, after his early and untimely death. The catalogue numbers for Corda are:

Trois Gymnopédies by Erik Satie: Corda catalogue no: CMP 212

Two Suites by Henry Purcell: Corda catalogue no: CMP 213


My Three Breton Song arrangements were published by Lathkill Music Publishers in summer 2014

Listen to Three Breton Folk Songs here. 

Inspired by a family holiday to Brittany, the arrangements are for four guitars. You can hear a recording by clicking here and selecting Three Breton Folk Songs from the play list.

The performers on this recording are Dan Jones, Fernando Aguera, Rossini Bartolotti-Hayward and Rachel Buckley.


Three Folk Songs from Op. 66 by Grieg for mixed-ability ensemble. This format allows players of a range of abilities (from about grade 2 to about grade 5-6) to play together making it ideal for summer schools, teachers, festivals and courses. Please contact Dan if you would like a copy of the score.




Dan Jones

Guitarist, composer, teacher


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