A Modern Fathers’ Day Song

As well as being a guitarist, I love to compose and write many works for myself and others to play. Recently, I’ve been asked to create a simple song for Beavers to sing (the cub-scouts rather than river-dwelling mammals) for Fathers’ Day which I was delighted to do.

This also meant writing the lyrics which, in my recent capacity as an author 🙂 I enjoyed just as much. When giving the task a little thought though, I realised that in today’s world, such a job is more complex than it may have been yesteryear. We must be very sensitive to the fact that many children may have little, or no contact with their fathers. To remind these children of how great it is to have a Dad could be, at best, deeply insensitive.

The solution I’ve come up with is to create lyrics which involve the appreciation of traditionally-masculine roles but without actually saying who it is who carries these out. A child is free to interpret this as Dad, Mum, Stepdad, Grandma, Grandpa, Carer or whoever. Some of the Beavers supplied ideas for these.

My professional development this year as a tutor at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has really taught me about intervals and melodies which musically-inexperienced children can sing, hopefully with ease. I’ve tried to incorporate this knowledge into my song and, In particular, I’ve avoided the leading note and the fourth in certain contexts. Finally, I’m working and living in Scotland. The melodic patterns and figures respect many of those I’ve seen in Scottish Traditional Music. Although I’m not a Scot myself (I’m a kind of Welshman/Honorary Frenchman/New Scotsman/European born in Essex due to my Dad’s job!) I believe it to be correct to respect the culture of one’s environment as I did when working in France.

The result is Song for Those Who Care for Me. I am attaching a simple score and please feel absolutely free to download it and enjoy it with your group of youngsters. DO let me know how you get on.


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