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This download has exactly the same content as the paper book of the same title, but you are given the benefits of receiving the book instantly – directly to your device and of course, at a much-reduced price.

Reading Jazz Chords – a Guide for Classical Guitarists is a workbook written to demystify the world of jazz chord interpretation. The book is based on a series of modules Dan Jones delivered at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama over a period of five years.

Dan noticed that guitarists have a tendency to learn chords using left-hand shapes with little regard for the notes present within. Consequently, they often have limited understanding as to which note creates which interval of the chord and what the actual notes within are. Dan avoids the traps of teaching with shapes alone or TAB and instead, explains each and every chord – from the simple triad to fully-chromatically altered and extended chords – using a logical and intuitive system.

Consequently, many guitarists report great improvements in their sight reading skills as they are encouraged to consider the notes across the fret board. This approach is suitable for all musicians – whether guitarists or otherwise and requires a basic knowledge of music theory – in particular the principles of major-scale intervals.

Throughout the book, exercises are set to encourage musicians to really think about each chord type in terms of notes and intervals.

Frequently-encountered errors are resolved and common questions answered, for example:


  • What is the difference between C9, Cadd9 and Cmaj9?
  • Why is a 6th sometimes called a 13th?
  • Are half-diminished, fully diminished, diminished seventh and diminished triads all the same thing?
  • What does ‘alt’ mean?
  • At the end of the 78 pages, a glossary is given outlining the many different names given for various chord types.


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