Prima Vista – 160 Progressive Sight Reading Exercises for Guitarists




Guitarists are regarded as the weak sight readers of the music world. Many claim that the guitar is a ‘difficult reading instrument’ but it is inaccurate to suggest that it is any more difficult a ‘reading instrument’ than any other with strings. I believe that the primary reason behind this reading weakness is that guitarists, due to the solo nature of the instrument, have few opportunities to practice the skill of sight reading.

All-too-often, a student’s baptism into the skill of sight reading comes a few weeks before an exam.

Prima Vista offers pupils and teachers a means whereby they can have weekly, relevant material at hand for practice.

In preparing Prima Vista I studies and summarised the sight reading requirements for the three most-popular international exam boards for the guitar. I then assembled their criteria in order to create exercises to suit all levels and boards.

The book commences with 10 preparatory exercises which can ease students into the discipline. Then follows 30 exercises for Grades 1-5 making a total of 160 progressive exercises suitable for all levels.

Give your pupils a head-start in their musicianship and exam preparation. Prima Vista will ensure that sight reading becomes a regular part of your lesson routine and will ensure better exam results, happier, more confident candidates and most importantly, stronger musicians.


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