Hallelujah for Easy Guitar Ensemble

I’ve found that a challenge for the guitar teacher is how to maintain the interest and motivation of beginners after a couple of months of learning. If we can give our players a beautiful piece, that both they and their parents will know and love, to perform in ensemble, they will be inspired to work independently and maintain their excitement and love of the instrument.

I have just published this easy arrangement of ‘Hallelujah’ – known by many from the film ‘Shrek’ or, for the more mature listener, Leonard Cohen’s haunting version. It makes a wonderful concert item and young guitarists will benefit greatly from playing together in terms of their teamwork, listening and ensemble skills.

The arrangement is available for immediate download here.

The download includes individual parts and a director’s score. There are also optional chords. Your learners can, of course, refer to the video at an time for help.

If you would like a paper version, by all means contact me.