Resources for Teachers and Learners

I am presently publishing a range of scores for teachers and learners. They are a mix of original compositions and arrangements which have technical and musical development in mind.

Teachers may be aware that many exam boards, including ABRSM, now offer performance grades where candidates submit a video performance online. They have a free-choice option as part of their programmes. I am proposing approximate grade levels for each of the pieces shown here. Scores are all published by SheetMusicPlus.

Paul Simon’s masterpiece The Sound of Silence is one of the iconic melodies of the 20th Century. It seems perfect for arrangement for solo guitar, but I have noticed that many versions are technically awkward for the learner. This is often because the chosen keys mean that barre chords will be encountered (such is the case with the often-chosen keys of A minor and D minor). This version avoids these difficulties. It is in two halves – the second half being slightly more challenging than the first, but newer players can find a complete performance in playing the first half twice. the score in both notes and TAB (on separate sheets) are available here.

This is an arrangement of Auld Lang Syne. I feel passionately that learners should learn music which they can perform for friends and family. This arrangement presents the new year’s song in two keys. The video below gives a performance and a lesson. The score, in notes alone or TAB (in one download so teachers and players can choose) is available here.

Here is an arrangement of a lovely Scottish song ‘Annie Laurie’. It is suitable for players of around grade 2 standard. You can download a score in both notes and TAB here.

Many learners enjoy playing pieces in a blues style. This composition uses a range of techniques for the left hand but, for the most part, keeps the melody on string 1 which helps the player focus on some of the other challenges within the piece. It’s very playable for plectrum players as well. The level is around grade 1-2. The score in both notes and TAB can be downloaded here.

This is my arrangement of La Llorona (The Weeping Woman). After the performance there is a short lesson where learners can pick up detailed tips. The edition is in process of being published and should be available on September 8th 2020.