Classroom Music

I am presently publishing a range of scores for classroom teachers and their pupils.

please find some some free downloads for guitar quartet at the bottom of this page.
As an experienced classroom music teacher myself, I am very aware of the challenges faced when working with a large group with a huge range of abilities and experience. The ‘classroom music’ scores on this page are designed to help teachers and pupils to remain stimulated and ensure learning at everyone’s pace.

The instrumentation of these arrangement is:

  • The melody for C instruments (such as flute)
  • An easy part for C instruments
  • The same melody for B flat instruments
  • The same easy part for B flat instruments
  • The same melody for E flat instruments
  • The same easy part for E flat instruments
  • A single-line percussion part
  • A piano part which could be played by a pupil (approximately ABRSM Grade 3) or teacher
  • A ukulele part with chords, the melody and TAB
  • A guitar part with chords, the melody and TAB
  • A bass guitar part in notes and TAB. This part could also be played by a cello, bassoon or any low-range instrument
  • The melody written in a higher octave for more-advanced players (approx. ABRSM Grade 3-4).

In the absence of some of the above, the arrangement is still effective due to the doubling of the melody. The bass part can also be omitted as the piano plays appropriate root notes, and the guitar plays chords.

Dark Eyes (Les Yeux Noirs) – Trad. Russia for Classroom music ensemble

This gorgeous tune comes in its original setting and is coupled with a simple variation. The score and parts are available here.

Ar Hyd y Nos (All Through the Night) for Classroom Music Ensemble.

This is a beautiful, old Welsh melody. It is presented with a modulation which gives the piece more length. The score video on YouTube can be referred to by pupils at any time as a learning aid. This music can also serve to aid cross-curriculum learning, if studying the countries of the UK. The words, in English and Welsh are widely available online should the melody be sung. The score and all parts can be downloaded here.

sakura (Cherry Blossom) for Classroom music ensemble

This beautiful Japanese melody is presented with the instrumentation shown above. It is ideal for cross-curriculum study, particularly is looking at the country and culture of Japan. A score and parts can be downloaded here.

amazing grace for beginners’ guitar quartet – free download

I recently arranged the spiritual song Amazing Grace for my beginner guitar quartets, and I thought it might be useful for other teachers. You can download a score and parts in notes and TAB in a single pdf file using the link below. The melody is simplified to remove triplets and is arranged in both G and C.

Guitars 1 & 2 are suitable for grade 1 players, playing the melody in first position (guitar 1 in G and then guitar 2 in C).

Guitar 3 is suitable for beginners with dotted minims throughout and stopped notes on frets 1 & 2.

Guitar 4 is suitable for grade 1 players, which has the bass line on strings 4,5 & 6 in open position in both keys.

No key signatures are used for ease of reading and guitar 4 also has chord symbols for more advanced pupils, strummers and teachers. I hope you find it useful! Best wishes from lovely Scotland. To download, please click here.

Away in a Manger – simple ensemble version for free download

Please help yourself to this very easy arrangement of Away in a Manger, for four guitars. I’ve found it very useful as there is the tune in a high octave, the same an octave lower plus two very simple accompaniments, as well as chord symbols. There are just notes, but as it’s so easy, it’s a good way to get your players reading some music! Please click here to download it.