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Making ‘art’ music from ‘folk’ music.

In July 2018, I had the wonderful experience of performing a series of concerts in the Dordogne. I used these performances as a chance to air some of my arrangements of what we might call ‘folk’ or ‘traditional’ music. I adore music of this nature – regardless of culture, style or language. The difficulty is … Continue reading Making ‘art’ music from ‘folk’ music.

Pretending to be French at Weddings…

Friends will know me as a guitarist but… I am also an author. I am fortunate enough to be having my new book Extracting Goats From Jean-Claude’s Kitchen published by California-based publisher Kellan Publishing. It is a humorous memoir of seven years spent in rural France as a guitarist, father, teacher, composer, cattery owner smallholding running Brit. I’d like … Continue reading Pretending to be French at Weddings…

Do Care Homes Need Music, and Does it Matter Who Provides it?

Yesterday, I performed in a care home – something which I do as a regular part of my work. I have found this an inspiring and deeply meaningful part of my portfolio of activities. To illustrate exactly why, I recorded one piece using my phone on my music stand. Consequently, the sound quality is awful, … Continue reading Do Care Homes Need Music, and Does it Matter Who Provides it?

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