Solo Performance Videos

Solo performance

The films below are recordings of my solo compositions, arrangements and of the great guitar repertoire.


This arrangement is the final part of a trilogy of arrangements of songs by Coldplay which I have arranged for fingerstyle or classical guitar. The score in both notes and TAB is available for immediate download here.

‘Fix you’ by coldplay

During this time of the COVID-19 outbreak, I, like many other artists, wanted to pay tribute to our NHS workers. Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ seemed to fit the bill most appropriately. The score (in notes and TAB) of this brand new arrangement is available here.

I originally made this arrangement in 2017 for my album Les Cerisiers. I recently expanded it and have made a new recording and film. The score in notes and TAB is available here.

‘CLOCKS’ by coldplay

The modal, melodic nature of this wonderful song makes it perfect for arrangement for solo guitar. The score, in notes and TAB is available here.

The Three Preludes on Occitan Songs are works I created from fragments of traditional melodies. The first tells of the garments a spinner makes through the journey of life: a christening gown to a confirmation dress; a wedding dress to a shroud. The second is a lullaby and the third, a comic song telling of the antics of a particularly stubborn and spoiled donkey! In performance of these works, the guitar is tuned (from low to high) DADGBD.

The sheet music in both notes and TAB can be downloaded here.

We all love a bit of romance do we not? I arranged You Are The Reason for solo guitar when I saw my daughter choreographing it in her bedroom. This is a perfect choice for weddings, concert encores or background music. A score (in both notes and TAB in one download) is available here.

In creating solo guitar arrangements of traditional music, I’ve been concerned with making works suitable for concert performance. I have added elements of ‘classical’ culture and tradition such as counterpoint, reharmonisation and modulation. To download sheet music for Scarborough Fair in notes and TAB click here.

I made this solo arrangement of Carrickfergus for concert performance. I love performing it and it is very popular amongst audiences. To download the sheet music and TAB please click here.

A classic virtuoso Spanish work of the guitar repertoire, recorded in Bridge of Earn, Scotland.

I wrote this piece as I was seeking a fugue which was a combination of intellectual composition and accessibility for an audience. I was keen to create an analytical video for my teaching and simultaneously create a substantial concert work. A score can be downloaded here.

Upon arrival in Scotland in 2017, I began discovering the local song repertoire. I love this classic and have enjoyed the opportunity to arrange it as a concert work, with reharmonisations, countermelody and revoicings. To download sheet music in notes and TAB for The Wild Mountain Thyme click here.

This composition was written in 2012 when I was teaching at a guitar festival in The Chateau de Ligoure in Central France. This recording was made in a beautiful church in the village of Montagrier in the Dordogne. The piece is included on my album, Les Cerisieres.

The Welsh folk song Heno Heno Hen Blant Bach is a throwback to my roots. A score, presented in both notes and TAB can be downloaded here.

To download sheet music in notes and TAB for Heno Heno Hen Blant Bach click here.