Theme from The New World Symphony by Dvorak, arranged for easy guitar ensemble

I have just finished another arrangement for beginners’ guitar ensemble. Once again, it strikes me how critical it is to install good habits into inexperienced fingers, while making the music comfortable and motivating to play. This arrangement provides teachers and learners with the following benefits:

(1) The key and positions chosen allow for finger-friendly pentatonic shapes

(2) Players can anchor the thumb on string 4 while playing the melody and anchor the fingers when switching to the thumb. This sets up the idea of sequential planting and stability at a later stage.

(3) Parts are provided in notes and TAB on different sheets. I’m very aware that there are varying opinions regarding the use of TAB. This arrangement allows teachers and players to decide.

(4) Every part has melodic interest. The arrangement avoids parts where some players have uninspiring long notes for extended periods.

(5) Pupils can, of course, refer to the YouTube video whenever they wish.

(6) The technical comfort of the arrangement lets players consider questions of musicality, phrasing and rhythmic accuracy.

(7) The theme is well-known amongst audiences making it an ideal concert work.

We must give a lot of thought to our choice of music for learners if we are to inspire them to continue and preserve our wonderful instrument.

The score and parts for this arrangement is available for immediate download here.

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