4 thoughts on “Dan Jones Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Teacher, Writer and Much More…

  1. Hi Dan hope you’re well and keeping safe in these difficult days. Just wanted to say that I love your arrangement of La Llarona, I’ll be performing it on the 4th September at a major folk session in Broadstairs Kent. Since last December I have been building my classical playing up which I’m more than happy with, another 6 months and I should be at concert level. Anyway take care, Nick Peacock…


    1. Wow Nick! It’s been a while! Only recently you entered my head and I was wondering how your were. I think West Ham must have been on the TV. I actually searched you on Facebook. How are things? Do you work in the music world now or just do it for pleasure? Really happy to hear that you like La Llorona – thank you for your kind words. I hope your performance goes well!


      1. Hiya it has been a while. As you know it all went wrong for me due to injurys from playing so I went to Vienna to teach music for some years thenI did the same in Prague, and came back to the UK in 20006 and retired. I tried get a band together for years but to no avail. I also tried getting my classical playing back but the injurys put a stop to that. But since I’ve been doing yoga it sorted out my problems and since last December I’ve got it together which has needed a lot of disapling, but know I’m reaping the rewards from that and have been back performing. I intend to mix classical with folk and thats how I came across your website whilst researching La Llorona. I do like your version of Sound of Silence so I’ll buy a copy from you. If you have any other suggestions regards your arrangements please let me know. Anyway take care and speak soon…


      2. Hiya Dan, in the new year I’ll be looking for a guitar teacher. Obviously via zoom and moneys for the lesson paid via PayPal. What I want is a two hour lesson, with 15 minutes break to put the kettle on, which is included in the two hours.
        Its so I can talk about what I’m doing and musical feedback. How much do you charge. The lesson will be monthly.
        Nick Peacock…


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